Sumptuous treats to nourish body, mind, and spirit with the magic and medicine of Nature.

photo by Mel Barlow

Adaptogenic & Tonic Herbs | Mostly Raw | Vegan | Gluten Free | Refined Sugar Free | Organic

Based in the Hudson Valley, NY.


Dessert as Medicine, made by Romany Rose.

Created in 2019 in the Hudson Valley, Medicinal Desserts was born from the desire to connect people with the abundance of Mother Earth, to transform our relationship with food and treats into a healing experience, and to open people's hearts to the true nourishment and sweetness life offers. The practice of creating these desserts is founded upon the values of wholeness, integrity, harmony, reciprocity, and mindfulness.

Made with reiki hands and a whole lot of love.

photo by Mel Barlow


Romany studied Herbalism at the Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Ithaca and is a Reiki II practitioner. She began making raw vegan treats over a decade ago and has been fully plant-based for 7 years. Eating a vegan diet, along with spiritual practices such as yoga, Cha Dao, and following Buddhist principles, continues to expand her understanding of the sacredness of food and all beings. She lives in upstate New York with her husband Eduardo, where they enjoy drinking ceremonial cacao and spending time in nature.

photo by Mel Barlow


“I look forward to my moon time so much more ever since I started ordering treats from Medicinal Desserts each month! The desserts Romany makes not only nourish my body, but they uplift my spirit as well and remind me of the inherent beauty and pleasure of being a part of Nature.” - Lyndsey Harrington


“There is one word that comes to mind when I've had the delicious pleasure of eating treats made by Romany, and that is JOY. There is a feeling - start to finish and everything in between - of joy! She puts tremendous care into understanding people's preferred tastes and the happiness to meet your tastes just flows out of her. I've commissioned a children's cake, my own birthday cake and now I order surprise boxes of treats for our whole family.

Her textures invoke small and savored bites and as a family we all marvel, ask for seconds and divide up the thirds. Romany's passion for making people feel special and nourished is uniquely rich. And that layer of richness added to her creations is priceless. Thank you Romany for sharing your love of desserts and cacao especially, with all of us.” - Rebecca Steele


"I recently commissioned a Medicinal Desserts cake for an intimate wedding reception in celebration of two dear friends. After the cake was cut and shared around the table, I watched with such joy and excitement as everyone tasted their first bite. What happened next was not a surprise to me, as I am already a lover of Romany’s creations, but it was truly something special to witness. It was as if this cake suspended time and held each and every one of us in a cloud of presence and delight. What a gift! Not only are these desserts medicinal, they are also quite magical and stand apart from anything else I’ve experienced.” - Mary Evelyn Pritchard